Better decisions, better performance

Transform regulatory compliance obligations into advantages: Klir’s integrated approach offers an overarching plan enabling water utilities to consider all aspects of the water management cycle, to capture widespread efficiency gains, while ultimately better protecting the environment.

Violation Management

Avoid formal enforcement actions thanks to our Violation Management module. Many violations stem from the lack of workflow integration and the use of obsolete planning tools – reducing visibility and predictability and increasing cost. This Klir module enables Automated Compliance Assessment so you can:

  • Readily monitor SCADA and other environmental data
  • Detect violations early
  • Manage downstream actions
  • And put in place effective action plans

Prevention and Performance

Optimize your mission critical processes from a barrier-based risk management perspective. Our Prevention and Performance module allows your organization to put in place a preventative risk management approach for all steps in water supply and waste water management.

This Klir module also brings in built-in planning tools to allow you to implement a robust asset management approach to help you develop a record of your assets, a shedule of required tasks and a tailored asset management plan.


Move your utility towards complete sustainability, as recommended by the EPA. The Klir Sustainability module will support your organization to implement effective practices in the following areas:

  • Watershed Management
  • Amalgamation of Supplies
  • Emerging Issues
  • New contanimants management
  • Leakage Management
  • Improved Management

This module will help your water utility ensure operational resiliency and optimised financial viability.

How it works

Cross-functional collaboration made easy


Klir gathers all of your organization’s environmental data. It takes the signals arising in a catchment or water system, in advance of or as a result of regulatory enforcement action.

  • Easy-to-capture forms
  • Team-friendly workflows
  • Integration


The Klir Platform allows for cross-functional action plans to be put in place to address signals through to completion.

Klir processes the data through its powerful platform, designed for easy configuration and future development.

  • Robust core components
  • Extensive features
  • Systemised expertise
Action plans with Klir


Klir enables water utilities to decide where and when to invest to optimise performance and manage environmental risks.

Integrated regulatory compliance information management, analsyis and sharing supports stronger decision-making for an optimized and sustainable management of assets and resources.

  • Single source of truth
  • Audit and traceability
  • Dashboards and Business Intelligence
Reporting with Klir

Permits Management

through a single platform

Identify True
Root Causes

of non-compliance to water regulations

Corrective Actions

thanks to benchmarking and trend analysis

Prioritize Asset
Investment Planning

through historical analysis and forecasts

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