We are water people, just like you.

And even though we may be new in town, our people have been around the block.

From helping to shape European water policy thru to creating new products and initiatives to keep you compliant, we know what it’s like trying to do your best work while surrounded in a sea of constant change and uncertainty. That’s why we’re here.

Compliance Management

Permit Management

Many teams across your organisation are managing a variety of permits. H&S systems don’t cut it. They weren’t designed for the water industry. Manage all your permits in one place with Klir – whether you are issuing them or they are issued to you.

Lims works, right? But the regulations are more than sample management. Dynamic sample plans, efficient task management through consolidation, new rules. All taken care by Klir. More samples required with new permits or remediation plans? No problem, one platform means they are all in one place. Plan progress and compliance at a glance. Impress at those Monday morning management meetings.

Stormwater Management
Make stormwater a breeze with our Stormwater app. All your permits, task management, workflows, reports and sampling in one place

Violation Management

Water Restriction Management

You hope it wont happen but in spite of your best work it does. Manage your notices be it drinking or wastewater discharge in one place. Klir is like your virtual war room to make sure water quality returns to optimal with the lowest cost and shortest time.

Consent Decree Management
Sometimes they only take a few days, sometimes years. You need skills from all across your organisation (not to mention external stakeholders) to manage enforcement from beginning to end. Regulator & external communication in one place. Nested plans and reporting at the touch of your finger. And all the data you need to make informed decisions

Drinking Water Safety Plans
Moving towards a DWSP management method? Klir moves those point in time excels and dust gathering folders into a changing and dynamic application. Klir is built on a proprietary catchment centric data model™ which means your data is orientated to allow for the WHO method out of the box.

Community Management

Lead Management

Lead management made easy. Manage your lead replacement programmes, sampling plans and everything in between in one place.

Community Management
FOG, Backflow, Diffuse pollution management? Everyone wants to sell you a single point source solution. Not with Klir – manage your entire community efforts in one platform. You can add new processes as and when they are required. Klir is flexible to suit your needs.

Consumer Confidence
Automate your statutory reports and get a web platform out of the box for your customers to see their water quality immediately. Higher consumer confidence = more flexibility in rates. Manage what results go out and when with your approval dashboard hooked up to LIMS.


Cross-functional collaboration made easy


Our platform keeps track of all your environmental data so you can get back to work doing what counts. Understand patterns in catchment water systems proactively with easy-to-capture forms, team-friendly workflows and truly centralized water utility permitting.


Klir understands that modern compliance managers are faced with increasingly complex regulations while being challenged to simplify current data management processes. Costly violations and fees not only impact your organization’s bottom line, but also your brand’s reputation.

Streamline Water Utility Permitting

through a single platform

Identify True
Root Causes

of non-compliance to water regulations

Take Proactive, Data Informed Action

move from reactive to proactive strategies

Prioritize Asset
Investment Planning

through historical analysis and forecasts

Effective Integration and Successful Wide-Scale Deployment.

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