Transform tedious regulatory obligations into analytical ammo. Klir’s streamlined and user-friendly approach allows your utility’s experts to consider all sides of the water management cycle to arrive at the big picture.

Recently, the demand for permit management software has risen to meet the evolution of environmental water regulations. As a result, Klir’s data solution is uniquely qualified to address these advanced requirements while putting you in control of your utility’s future.

The Klir platform is a water management SaaS with features that help your utility get back to more important work. Discover a range of capabilities, including:

Violation Management, Simplified.

Tired of costly enforcement actions due to non-compliance? Say goodbye to fees with Klir’s water compliance management system.

In fact, most violations stem from a lack of workflow integration. Despite changing water management needs, obsolete planning tools still in use by most in the industry limit visibility and predictability while increasing costs.

Klir gives you power over your data so you can get back to work.

– ACTIVELY monitor SCADA and other environmental data
– DETECT violations early
– OPTIMIZE your workflow
– DEPLOY effective action plans

Move Towards Prevention.

Truly centralized data means optimization for all your environmental water regulation processes from a barrier-based risk management perspective. Our Prevention and Performance module allows your organization to put in place a preventative risk management approach for all steps in water utility regulations and compliance.

Klir’s module equips you with built-in planning tools to implement a robust asset management approach. Stop costly violation fees before they start by developing a custom asset management plan to meet your utility’s unique requirements.

Sustainable Improvement Can Be Yours.

Upgrade to completely sustainable water environmental permits, as recommended by the EPA. With Klir’s sustainability module, we focus on giving your organization the support you need in the following areas:

– Watershed Management
– Amalgamation of Supplies
– Emerging Issues
– Water utility permitting
– New contaminants management
– Leakage Management
– Improved Management

With Klir, a smarter way is possible. Bring your water utility up-to-date with emerging business practices to ensure operational resiliency and optimal financial viability.


Cross-functional collaboration made easy


Our platform keeps track of all your environmental data so you can get back to work doing what counts. Understand patterns in catchment water systems proactively with easy-to-capture forms, team-friendly workflows and truly centralized water utility permitting.


Klir understands that modern compliance managers are faced with increasingly complex regulations while being challenged to simplify current data management processes. Costly violations and fees not only impact your organization’s bottom line, but also your brand’s reputation.

Action plans with Klir

Streamline Water Utility Permitting

through a single platform

Identify True
Root Causes

of non-compliance to water regulations

Take Proactive, Data Informed Action

move from reactive to proactive strategies

Prioritize Asset
Investment Planning

through historical analysis and forecasts

Centralized water regulations reporting and streamlined utility insights with Klir

See how we helped Irish Water manage environmental compliance performance

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