6 Keys to Sustainable Permit Management in Water Utilities

Compliance and quality analysts are water utilities’ great unsung heroes. They work relentlessly at collecting, gathering and checking data - often repetitively and certainly obsessively by fear of non-compliance, by fear of missing something. Should they urge their management to make the permitting process more efficient, water utilities could be on the path to true sustainability…

Jumping The Permit Compliance Hurdle

All too often, water utilities see permit compliance as a hurdle they must jump to fulfill their mission: providing clean water efficiently and at a reasonable cost. But how could utilities better plan for compliance as an end product? All signs point to data as a keystone.

The Future of Water Regulations: Exploiting Data Effectively

Compliance should be seen as the product, and as such, as the core purpose of a water utility. Yet, there is often a disconnect between the spirit of regulations and their practical implementation on the ground. And this often results in an onerous burden on water service providers.

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