Streamline Water Utility Permitting

through a single platform

Identify True
Root Causes

of non-compliance to water regulations

Take Proactive, Data Informed Action

move from reactive to proactive strategies

Prioritize Asset
Investment Planning

through historical analysis and forecasts

Predictive Actions

As one central historical data and information repository, Klir has the capability to suggest the most appropriate corrective actions to put in place to remediate an incident or a regulatory violation. Klir’s advanced trends analysis and reporting capabilities give you visibility that paper audits can never provide.

Trends rise clearly from the data, and violation issues are easy to identify and correct. With Klir, you get detailed insights, so you can correct environmental issues before they become problems. Klir will, for example, enable your teams to know exactly what dose of orthophosphate is needed to correct lead levels in drinking water.

Predictive actions with Klir

Tasks and Workflows Automation

Implement automated corrective action plans when serious incidents or violations arise. With Klir, you can set rules, establish due dates, create alerts, send reminders and monitor task completion to prevent costly liabilities.

Tasks get automatically created based on triggers specific to your utility, assigned to the relevant individuals, and managed through to completion. Automated alerts and notifications allow your teams to establish timelines and ensure careful follow-up after audits or inspections.

Automated workflows with Klir

Continuous Improvement

With Klir, the automation of corrective actions helps drive operational efficiency. Klir continuously refines your operational processes with a goal to offer the best environmental outcome and gives a systematic way to drive improvement in your organization.

With Klir, you only do tasks that maximise the environmental outcome for the minimal feasible investment. And you stop wasting time, energy, and resources on the wrong actions.

Continuous Improvement with Klir

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