Streamline Water Utility Permitting

through a single platform

Identify True
Root Causes

of non-compliance to water regulations

Take Proactive, Data Informed Action

move from reactive to proactive strategies

Prioritize Asset
Investment Planning

through historical analysis and forecasts

Quick Deployment

Designed by water experts, exclusively for water experts, you can be up and running within a few weeks. Because Klir builds on your existing permit processes, employees continue to work as they do now without disruption.

All at a low-risk, fixed-term price that works out of the box. Now that is something that will make your CFO smile.

Permit Automation

By fully automating the tasks, activities and actions required for every permit, Klir’s Permit Management System eliminates all human-system “risk” that can lead to tasks and deadlines being missed.

With Klir, all tasks are tracked through the system, giving easy visibility of work on-hand and supporting prioritisation of tasks. Email notifications and reminders are in place to automatically alert team members of up-coming deadlines.

All permit types including Drinking Water Permits, NPDES Permits, Air Permits, Stormwater and MS4 Permits, Construction and Encroachment Permits, Risk Management Plans and much more can all be stored and automated in Klir

Automated workflows with Klir

Full Permit Visibility

Having all permit data in one central, easy to access place gives everyone from senior management to team members a birds-eye view of permits across the organisation and the status of each permit in real-time.

Daily, weekly and monthly reports are easily generated from Klir, reducing the time spent chasing data and building reports in excel

Continuous Improvement with Klir

Reduction in Risk

A violation no matter how small can impact your reputation. Ensure that there are no missed deadlines and no administrative violations by bringing permitting data together and managing deadlines pro-actively.

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