The story of Klir

We met at Accenture back in 2010 and have since been involved in bespoke IT regulatory compliance solutions for regulators and utilities. These years have led us to understand intimately the environmental and compliance challenges encountered by water utilities.

Back in 2014, we capitalized on these years of environmental regulations and compliance expertise by founding Elm Solutions, turning it into a recognised sustainable IT solutions provider for regulatory compliance missions.

While helping utilities, we noticed that regulation management, quality control and asset investment planning are mostly done in silos – often offline, on paper, in different teams and with a significant amount of human effort. Data is a critical element of modern water management. But utilities are either starved of it or drowning in terabytes of raw data with insufficient traceable insights into cause, effect and outcome.

After many more meetings with water utilities across the US, we came to this simple conclusion: across all levels in a utility, people need to be helped. They need a better way to manage compliance and regulations. It was time to make regulatory compliance management easier. Time to build a one-stop shop for all urban waste water and drinking water information, that allows water utilities to better quantify and mitigate the true risks to the environment and human health.

That one-stop-shop is Klir. Designed by water experts for water utilities.

As a CEO, I feel it’s important I show that making mistakes cannot stop me from moving on. I must continually learn and adapt the way I think and approach our organization. Like NASCAR racing, it’s all about staying focused on the road, not the walls.


The culture at Klir

At Klir we think big, work hard and have huge expectations. We like taking everything we know to make it better… so that we never settle for good enough. We encourage innovation, creativity and growth, with a healthy dose of life balance.

Our ethos of casual professionalism – which we seek as a trait in all our employees – means balancing professional and quality deliverables and ownership of work, with a personable approachable style.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion means that we nurture a decent and empathetic workplace – one where we listen to and learn from each other.

We’re headquartered in lively Dublin, Ireland. Our workspace is designed for collaboration and social occasions, with a mix of open office space and a cosy breakout room.

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Why we're great together

Our management team, board of directors and investors are a healthy mix of savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts - all bring heaps of experience to our young company, while working hand in hand to help us scale and grow.

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As privately owned and founder-led, we work fast and with agility and flexibility. We’re always looking for smart and driven people to join our team. So come and share the excitement of developing a new product that will have an impact on our future!

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