Our team is making strides toward achieving our vision for a re-imagined relationship between water utilities and regulatory compliance management. From navigating challenges like collecting data across the various teams and functions of an entire organization, to the technology behind how water utilities can better mitigate true risks to water safety, we’ve taken major steps towards building the brain for automated compliance assessment — and Raul Martin serves as the central player in continuing to make that work a reality.

Senior Developer for the Irish EPA

Raul brings with him 10 years of experience in scalable solution architectures, Microsoft technologies, especially CRM and Dynamics 365, and top-quality software development. He previously served as a solution architect and senior developer for the Irish Environmental Protection Agency, where he built the infrastructure and IT solution of the system for the licensing of waste water discharges (WWD) from areas served by Local Authority sewer networks. “This was a big CRM project, and one where I also got to learn a lot about integration, analytics, reporting, website and SQL data… and I got to improve my English language – which, let’s be honest, was pretty poor!  Such an enriching opportunity for me”, remembers Raul.

Water Regulations Expertise

What sets Raul apart from other developers is that he thrives understanding the full picture: “Developers don’t necessarily need to do that, but I need to understand what is behind what I am developing. I think it makes me do a better job”. And Raul got to grow his knowledge about water regulations and compliance and about the EPA’s departments and datasets further, as he joined their Office of Assessment and Evidence to work on the Water Framework Directive and the systems to manage enforcement actions. “I built great relationships with the business in my time at the EPA, and as a result, my confidence in my abilities grew considerably. Many people were moving teams, and knowledge was getting lost… so for many people, I became the expert, in both the technical and the water regulations areas.”

Raul Martin

Klir’s Head of Engineering Raul Martin (right) and Sr. Developer Gabriel Pedroso (left) held a workshop in focusing specifically on the new framework ASPNET.ZERO.

Getting Raul to join the ranks of the Klir team made perfect sense to us: we needed someone who not only was at the top of their technical ability, but who would also be able to grasp what we were trying to build. As our Head of Engineering, Raul and his team are responsible for advancing the engineering of the Klir platform. He is responsible for building the solution architecture, the proof-of-concept and the production software design and the testing. A real challenge for Raul, as technical architecture decisions had to made to get the project off the ground: “I needed to learn everything about product lifecycle, and more importantly about what technologies would be best to use for the product we wanted to develop”.

.NETCore Framework and Microservices

The challenge was overcome, as our engineering leader is now confident that using the cross-platform, modular, open-source software development framework, .NETCore, Microservices and Azure Cloud will make it easier for our developers to write code on this framework: “It allows for fast and easy development and deployment. It also minimizes time spent for testing.”

Raul Martin is now playing an integral role not only in managing technical direction and goals, but also in developing the company’s engineering resources. A visionary leader, he will be a critical resource as he leads and develops the Klir technical team.

Feel like Raul is your kind of guy and would love to help him out? Check out our openings.

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