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Permits Management

through a single platform

Identify True
Root Causes

of non-compliance to water regulations

Corrective Actions

thanks to benchmarking and trend analysis

Prioritize Asset
Investment Planning

through historical analysis and forecasts

Using the Compliance and Incident Management Application as our urban water regulatory compliance management platform has greatly improved our performance in addressing and managing enforcement actions issued by the Regulator. The platform has provided us with a one-stop shop for urban waste water compliance information, and as such we can engage with the regulator with confidence. The wealth of information on the reasons for non-compliances and failures has also allowed us to develop more focused investment programs

Tom Stafford, Head of Regulation Management

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Increased Intelligence

Klir captures all regulatory and compliance data together into one platform – a single source of truth that provides acurate data and insight across the entire organization – which end-users can trust and act on.

Timely and robust insight enables better cross functional collaboration and integrated urban water management strategies.

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Mitigated Risks

The Klir platform integrates all compliance workflows and data, and brings in planning tools to deliver full visibility and increased incident predictability, enabling you to remediate environmental and human health risks efficiently.

Klir lets you capture, action and report on compliance and understand how incidents impact on your organization’s strategic objectives.

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Assured Savings

Klir enables water utilities to decide where and when to invest to optimise performance and manage environmental risks.

Integrated regulatory compliance information management, analysis and sharing supports stronger decision-making for an optimized and sustainable management of assets and resources.

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