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Investment Planning

through historical analysis and forecasts

“After successfully completing a pilot of the Klir technology, we are now deploying the platform across our organization to help improve the efficiency of our environmental compliance and permit management processes. The Klir Team understands regulatory permitting for the water sector and they have worked diligently to learn our complex systems and processes to ensure effective integration and successful, wide-scale deployment.”


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Compliance Managed

Klir captures all regulatory and compliance data together into one platform – a single source of truth that provides acurate data and insight across the entire organization – which end-users can trust and act on.

Timely and robust insight enables better cross functional collaboration and integrated urban water management strategies.

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Violations Managed

You hope it wont happen but in spite of your best work it does. Klir is the central source of truth when you need to manage violations. Whether it is water restrictions or consent decrees, Klir has you covered.

Klir lets you collaborate in a single place with all the people you need to resolve a violation. The days of ten different version of the truth are over.

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Community Managed

A happy customer means a happy rate payer. Our community suite of products allows you to keep your customers informed as well as manage programs like permitting, lead replacement and consumer confidence reporting in a seamless integrated platform.

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